NEW: 26kW Composite Cable for Generac Home Standby Generators
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Specialty Wire & Cable Solutions

With innovative solutions for demanding electrical applications, CableMaster can supply your cable distribution, value-added assembly and wire harness manufacturing requirements.
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Power Generation
Dealers and distributors in the power generation industry depend on CableMaster’s in-stock lineup of composite cable and portable cord.
Industrial Lighting
CableMaster supplies the cable and wire solutions industrial lighting OEMS need to power their client's large-scale lighting installations.
Commercial Kitchens
CableMaster connects global food service and commercial kitchen brands with our available inventory of cable and wire for commercial kitchen appliances.


Let our team’s experience translate to your success. We focus on minimizing complexity, cost and downtime so you can bring the best solutions to your customers.


CableMaster works with global partners to secure the best prices for the products you need, providing the lowest total cost of ownership. We’ll stock your inventory to reduce risk and hits to your balance sheet.


We build collaborative relationships to ensure we understand your pain points. We work with your team and your designs to simplify the process and eliminate inefficiencies.

Manufacturing and Distribution Services

Generac Composite Cable

CableMaster's Composite Cable saves time and money on home standby generator installs, allowing you to redeploy your labor assets to drive more revenue for your organization.
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Power Cords

We offer an extensive selection of molded power cords, including molded NEMA straight blade and twist-lock cords for the North American market as well as international cordage.
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Wire & Cable Distribution

CableMaster manufactures a large variety of high-quality, competitively-priced portable cord, international cord and bulk wire.
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Wire Harness Solutions

We develop, source, and manufacture high-quality and competitively priced wire and cable interconnection systems for a variety of industries with partners certified to IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and UL/CSA-listed for wire harness manufacturing.
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Value-Added Assembly

CableMaster provides high-quality custom cable assemblies and connectivity solutions for OEM manufacturers in a variety of industries.
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Solutions for OEMs and Distributors

Looking for a dedicated supplier with experience serving Original Equipment Manufacturers?

CableMaster’s experts guide OEM teams in developing robust and efficient custom wire and cable product designs, which we manufacture to exact specifications.
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Do you need a solid supplier to maintain your supply chain?

CableMaster serves our distributor partners through reliable stocking of cord sets, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and bulk wire and cable.

We stock inventory for electrical distributors, including Generac authorized dealers and commercial supply houses.
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Industries Served

CableMaster provides wire and cable solutions for OEMs and electrical product distributors across several key industries.

Power Generation

Industrial Lighting

Commercial Kitchens

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