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Power Ahead, Stay Connected

December 8, 2022

Keep Your Customer’s Power Systems Ready for Anything with CableMaster Solutions  

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on power systems, leading to costly disruptions. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable solution in place that can be quickly deployed when necessary. CableMaster provides custom wire and cable solutions that offer the dependability and quick response you need. Plus, as Generac preferred suppliers, our expertise is available to help you plan ahead for standby generators – saving time and money on installation.  

Composite Cable Configurations 

With our composite cable configurations, you get the best of both worlds: flexibility and dependability. Our standard configuration consists of two insulated conductors twisted together with an interlocked armor or steel tape armor around them for protection from external forces. This allows for easy installation, no matter the environment or conditions. Plus, our composite cables come in a variety of colors to make identification easier – so you can find what you need quickly when time is of the essence.  

Generac Preferred Supplier 

CableMaster is proud to serve as Generac preferred suppliers – giving us extensive experience in planning ahead for standby generators before they’re needed. We understand how important it is to have a backup plan in place before disaster strikes, which is why we work closely with distributors and contractors to ensure they have the supplies they need when the time comes. With our knowledge and expertise at your disposal, you can save both time and money on generator installation costs – helping your business stay prepared for any emergency situation that may arise.  

Custom Wire & Cable Solutions  

At CableMaster, we specialize in providing custom wire & cable solutions that meet your individual needs – no matter what industry you’re in or what application you require them for. Our team has decades of combined experience in designing intricate cable configurations designed specifically to meet your requirements – from heavy-duty industrial applications to home contractor solutions. Whatever your needs may be, we strive to provide superior quality products backed by excellent customer service every step of the way!  

Don’t let natural disasters disrupt your power systems—trust CableMaster’s custom wire & cable solutions to power through! Our specialized composite cable configurations provide flexibility and dependability. As a Generac preferred supplier, we can help you plan ahead while saving time and money on installation costs. Put your trust in the industry leader in custom wire & cable solutions—CableMaster. 

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