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Generac Composite Cable

CableMaster's Composite Cable saves time and money on home standby generator installs, allowing you to redeploy your labor assets to drive more revenue for your organization. Cut installation time by up to 25%, reduce the risk of incorrect terminations and ensure faster and easier installs with our all-in-one cable available in copper and aluminum.

CableMaster is Generac’s preferred supplier for Composite Cables for home standby generator installations. Keep material off your balance sheet—CableMaster delivers Just-in-Time, when you need it.
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Joist Pull Rated (TC-ER-JP)
All-in-one cable design
First cable on the market with numbered wires matching Generac terminals
Wire colors match to Generac terminals
UL Listed

Installation Benefits

One cable vs. conduit and multiple wires
Makes installs easier—no more splicing into junction boxes, drilling holes into joists and pulling through conduit
Future-proof your installs: CableMaster’s NEC 2023-compliant comp cables include the added neutral wire
Reduce scrap on the job site with different available lengths of cable on reels (100’; 250’; 500’; 1,000’; 2,500’)

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